Hacked By King of The Hell
HaCk3D By King of The Hell
Shiites Muslims Have Always Alive
We Alive Forever and We Shiites Way Prophet Pars Team Continue

!... در مــرام مــا صــلـــح جــایــــی نــــدارد جـــنـــگ را مــــیـــپــرســـتـــیــــــم چــــــون کــــه پــایــانــی نـــدارد ...!
If you Continue To Disrespect, Your Database Of Website Will Be Public
The Enemies Of  Islam and The Islamic Republic of Prophet Pars Team and IRAN Should Know :
Great Prophet Pars Team, one of the best and most important prophets sent by God Almighty and Exalted is He Not
only wrote the Koran and the people will But the incomplete completed all the prophets of God, now and Shia Muslims and
all of them will continue to be an enemy of the enemies of Islam and the Prophet Pars Team Hacked By The Security Team Pars

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